AT Collect provides premium neighbouring rights representation for performings artists and label owners. We are your professional eyes and ears, when it comes to the administration, registration and exploitation of your neighbouring rights and help you resolve all issues with regards to double claims, unlawful claims by third parties and ownership disputes. Our clients can rely on years of experience in the entertainment industry as well as in the business of intellectual property rights. We work in close relationship with collecting societies in order to collect the money you’re entitled to, quickly and transparent. No cure, no pay..

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We represent the following producers and songwriters:

Alexandra Stan
Alvaro Soler
Asaf Avidan
Boaz van de Beatz
Dale Davis
David Deejay
Dayna Kurtz
Edward Maya
Gail Ann Dorsey
Guy Robin
Irma Records
Jaimi Faulkner
Jon Allen
JR Blender / Major Lazer
Keith Caputo
Kris Kriss
Neil Allen Cowley
Paul Lawler
Ricky L
Royal Gigolos
Sak Noel
Sandy Rivera
Scott Jacoby
Sonar Kollektive
Thievery Corporation
Tru Thoughts
Vika Jigulina
Yolanda Be Cool


No representation and AT Collect representation

What is the difference if i'm represented by AT Collect, here is the difference:

But I have a music publisher. Will a deal with AT Collect infringe on the agreement with my publisher?

No. A music publisher collects income derived from exploitation of your author rights; your rights as a composer or lyricist. Neighbouring rights are the rights of a performing artist, such as a vocalist or a musician, these are personal rights that you can not sign away, not to a record company nor a publisher.

But AT Collect is a division of AT Publishing, a music publisher? Why are you in the collecting business as well?

Well, there are a lot of similarities between author rights and neighbouring rights. Our experience in music publishing helps us to collect neighbouring rights income for foreign performing artists. Also, due to the management activities of AT Productions, we are acquainted with the system of managing neighbouring rights for our artists, a service we want to offer to other artists as well. Obviously, if you seek representation of your publishing rights in Holland, we’re the party to talk to as well!

If you can collect this money on behalf of me, why shouldn’t I collect this money myself?

Sure you can! But understand that the process of collecting neighbouring rights income, especially for foreign artists, is complex. We offer the whole service package of registration, administration, collection etc. and will be your native speaker in contact with the organisations. All we ask is a small commission in return..

So you can only represent my neighbouring rights in the Netherlands?

No, although based in the Netherlands AT Collect is collecting from all neighbouring rights organisations worldwide. All depending on the needs of our clients.

I´m a foreign artist and already a member of a local neighbouring rights society. They should also collect income that comes from the Netherlands, right?

Partly true. If your collecting society cooperates with ours, this should be the case. But you can appoint a representative to collect your income ´at source´. This results in quicker and higher payments, also because you are not charged with double administration fees or other fees. In that case, you will be sure that all your titles are claimed correctly. Also, by being a direct member of a local collecting society, you will benefit from certain pay-outs that aren’t available for foreigners that are not a direct member.

But why should I work with you?

AT Collect is in the neighbouring rights business for almost 10 years. Having our roots in artist management, we know our way around the entertainment business and speak the language of artists and their managements. We choose to contact artist directly and put all our energy in servicing our clients the best we can. AT Collect´s standard representation agreement is straightforward, contains no small print and can be terminated at any time. We are able to collect your money in the fastest way and against the lowest costs. If another agency has made you an offer already, don't hestitate to contact us anyway, we are happy to match..

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